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About Mark Cables FZE

Mark Cables FZE is a Cable Manufacturer processing both Copper and Aluminium Rods as input raw material to produce wire and cable as finished product. We are located in Jebel Ali Freezone Dubai – UAE.

Mark Cables is privately owned with sister companies in Angola, Rwanda, South Africa where the group has interests in Wire & Cable, Steel Forming, Paints, Household plastic products manufacturing. Our partner companies are:

  • Milbridge Holding SA (Secursal em Angola) (Steel Forming, Wire & Cable, Paints)
  • Primeplast Lda – Angola – (Plastic Products Manufacturing)
  • Afriprecast – Rwanda (Precast Concrete Solutions)
  • Casasteel Pty Ltd – South Africa – Steel Products Trading Company

Our team is committed to providing our customers value by offering high levels of industry experience, superior customer service, and a large selection of quality cables in both copper and aluminium wires, building wires, flexible cables, control cables, low voltage power cables, overhead conductors and underground cables.

Our Vision

To be a Leading Quality Manufacturer of Cables and Related Products in the Middle East and Africa.

Our Mission

We are committed to developing and improving manufacturing methods to ensure the highest possible level of value, quality and products to meet our clients’ needs through being a responsible and dependable manufacturer.

Our Core Values

Our corporate values center on four core elements explained below:


We trust our employees to make every effort to do right by the company, and we make every effort to do right by employees in return.


We treasure loyalty, uphold honesty, and practice good business ethics.


We uphold service excellence, take pride in our product quality and ensure commitments are duly fulfilled and are consistently upheld.


We embrace teamwork, harmony and mutual respect with our customers, suppliers, and employees.